1. Purpose

This Fair Processing Notice (or Privacy Notice) is issued in accordance with the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018. It covers all data processing activity undertaken within Fenny Compton Scout Group, for the purposes of this document the definition of Group includes the attached Explorer Scout Unit, (the Group).

2. Data Controllers:

The Data Controller for the Scout Group and the alternative contacts are as follows:

Chris Revitt (Group Scout Leader)

Amy Aylward (Group Secretary)

The Group has not formally appointed a Data Protection Officer. These duties will be undertaken by the GSL and Group Executive Committee.

3. Why are we processing your data?

So that we can safely deliver Scouting within the Group, each section, i.e. Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts, Scouts and Explorers, and the Group Executive Committee will need to hold basic information about the young people, their parents or carers and our adult volunteers, (the Data Subject(s)).

We occasionally hire out equipment (such as our minibus, trailer and marquee). This assists with group fundraising and requires us to hold information on hirers, as well as minibus drivers, in order to execute the hire and fulfil our insurance obligations.

We will use this information to contact you both routinely and in an emergency for Scouting purposes only.

4. Data Storage

Fenny Compton Scout Group is committed to the protection of your personal information. We generally store personal information in one of two secure digital online database systems, where access to that data is restricted and controlled.

Compass: – is the online membership system of The Scout Association, this system is used for the collection and storage of Adult personal data.

Online Scout Manager is an online membership system run by Online Youth Manager Ltd, this is a secure membership database where we store the personal information of Adults and Youth members for the day to day running of the group.

Printed records and Event data
Paper is still used within Fenny Compton Scout Group to capture and retain some data for example the following: –

  • New joiners form.
  • New joiners waiting lists.
  • Gift Aid Collection forms.
  • Events consent from parents.
  • Events coordination with event organisers.
  • Award notifications/nominations

In the case of Joining forms, Health and contact update forms, this information is securely held by the leader or waiting list manager, and transferred to our secure digital systems as soon as possible before the paper form is destroyed.

Gift Aid collection forms, will be securely held by the Groups Treasurer to aid in the collection of Gift Aid for membership fees. We have a legal obligation to retain this information for 7 years after our last claim.

As a member of Fenny Compton Scout Group it is hoped you will take up the opportunity to attend events and camps, where is necessary to fulfil our legal obligations we will be required to potentially have a less secure means to access personal information, such as printouts of personal contacts and medical information, (including specific event contact forms), rather than relying on secure digital systems, as often the events are held where internet and digital access will not be available. We will minimise the use of paper to only what is required for the event/camp.

We will ensure
a) Transfer of paper is secure, such as physical hand to hand transfer or registered post.
b) Paper forms are securely destroyed after use.
c) Secure destruction will be through a shredding machine or securely burned.
d) If transferred to somebody, we will audit that they return them when the event is complete.

Sometimes we may nominate a member for national award, (such as Queens Scout or Duke of Edinburgh award) such nominations would require we provide contact details to the awarding organisation, this is most often done on paper via registered post.

5. Who will have access to this data?

The members of the Leadership team and the Executive Committee will hold this information. The Executive Committee, the Group Scout Leader and Section Leaders may need to access this data in their role of Charity Trustees for the Group.

6. Who else will have access to the data we process?

The Group is part of Leamington District Scout Council, (the District) and Warwickshire Scout County, (the County). The Group will periodically join in events that are run by the District or the County.

In these cases, data will be shared with the organisers for the purpose of the event only. Where we run events in the Group, we will share information with an “In Touch Person” They are usually volunteers in scouting who will act as a go-between at camps for the leadership to contact parents in emergencies.

7. How long do we retain the data for?

We will retain your personal information, throughout the time you are a member of Fenny Compton Scout Group.

We will retain your full personal information for a period of six months after you have left Fenny Compton Scout Group, and in a much more limited form (just name, badge and attendance records) for a period of up to 15 years (until age 21) to fulfil our legal obligations for insurance and legal claims.

We will also keep any Gift Aid Claim information for the statutory 7 years as required by HMRC (which may be beyond age 21)

8. What is our Legal Basis for processing your data?

We must have a legal basis to process your personal data.

Our legal basis is under Article 6 (1) (a) of the EU GDPR Act: the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes.

We consider your consent to be given when you complete and return any documentation which are sent to you. This can include data capture forms when a new member joins the Group, Nights Away Activity Information Forms, or One Day Activity Information Forms. It will also include verbal consent.

Should you wish to withdraw you consent, it may be that this decision will prevent a Data Subject from being a member of the Scout Association as we cannot guarantee that we can comply with our rules on delivering safe scouting.

9. Your Rights

Should you have any questions relating to your data protection rights, please contact the persons listed in Paragraph 2.

10. Third Party Data Processors:

Fenny Compton Scout Group employs the services of the following third-party data processors: –

The Scout Association via its membership system “Compass” which is used to record the personal information of leaders, adults and parents who have undergone a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

Online Youth Manager Ltd (Online Scout Manager) which is used to record the personal information, badge records, event and attendance records, etc, we have a data processing agreement in place with online youth manager, more information is available at

Dropbox inc occasionally used for secure transfer of limited personal information for events.

Google occasionally used for secure transfer of limited personal information for events.

C. Revitt, 2018