1. KEYS – Once the minibus has been checked out and signed for, the keys will then be given to the driver named on the booking form. The mileage is to be taken at departure and then again at arrival and any issues noted in the log book


  1. BOOKINGS – At least 14 days notice of cancellation must be given for a short booking and 28 days notice of a booking one week or more. Should the required notice not be given a cancellation fee of 50% will be made if the vehicle is not used by another group. The minibus is to be collected from and returned to a designated place.


  1. MINI-BUS PERMIT – A permit is held by for both the Scout Group and Explorer group for Leamington district. This covers all Scout Groups in Leamington District and Explorer units. Other Scout Districts or Groups will need to obtain their own permit.



            AS FROM March 2017

            Charges will be:-                                                         Scout                          All

                                                                                                Groups                       Other


                                                                                                District                       Groups


            EVENINGS     4.p.m. – 8.00a.m. next morning          £20.00                         £35.00


            ONE DAY       8.00a.m. – 8.00a.m.                            £50.00                         £60.00


            WEEKEND     Friday 4.00p.m. – Monday 8.00a.m.   £80.00                         £100.00


            ONE WEEK (7 days)

            Weekday to weekday including one

            weekend 8.00a.m. – 8.00a.m. OR Friday

            4.00p.m. – Friday 4.00p.m.                                         £175.00                       £225.00


            ONE WEEK (9 Days)

            Including part or whole of two weekends

            i.e. Friday evening to Sunday evening

            of following week. 

            Friday 4.00p.m. – Mon 8.00 a.m.                                £200.00                       £250.00


On completion of the booking form a deposit £25 is required.


  1. DIESEL The bus should have a full tank of Diesel. At the end of the hire period the minibus must be left with a full tank of diesel. If not then we will fill it and charge the group the fuel plus a 10% admin fee for refiling.


  1. USING THE MINIBUS All drivers in charge of the mini bus should ensure that passengers:
  • Wear their seat belts at all times
  • Behave in an acceptable manner
  • Do not distract the driver
  • Do not eat or drink in the mini bus.